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My love

How can something so beautiful come out of the darkness when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel? How can you sweep me off my feet and love me like no one else ever could? Why am I so blessed to be with you?

You take care of me when there is no one else. You hold me when I’m all alone. You whisper in my ear when everyone else has been screaming. You touch me gently when everyone else jerks me around. You hold my hand and lead the way when I’m blind. You open my eyes when I cannot hear. You make the pain go away. You make my heart glow when just moments before I wanted to rip it out.

We are so perfect for eachother. So amazing together. We fit like two puzzle pieces that finally found their match. We love eachother even when others envy it..hate it..want to destroy it..and when they don’t understand.

There is nothin in my life that means more to me than you, and nothing could ever keep me away from you. I’m so in love with you.

Swirls of a candy cane

It’s amazing how the swirls of a candy cane can remind you of everyday life. Some are thick and go straight to the core and some are like pinstripes that are barely on the surface. And, as you enjoy its lasting flavor it finally becomes too sharp…like taking advantage of something until it can last no longer. But, you keep peeling back the wrapper hoping for more…until it is completely gone. So, don’t take bites out of your candy cane just enjoy and let it form its little point. Because, when something has a point..that means that you didn’t take advantage of it and you learned how to sit back and enjoy the ride.


Sometimes I get this feeling that I don’t belong in my family. They discriminate against everything I do… I feel like there is absolutely nothing that I can do to please them. What happened to the word family? Isn’t a family supposed to support you and help you fulfill your dreams? I didn’t think they were supposed to cut you down at every given moment. I didn’t know that they actually don’t care about your feelings what so ever. It’s like I’m here but they wish that I wasn’t. Or, maybe, it is the fact that I’m just a nuisance… all I know is that they never make me feel wanted, they never act like I make them happy, and they never act like I could make something out of myself. Well, I’m here to tell you that I don’t need them to be happy. I don’t need all the stress that they put on my shoulders. I don’t need all the loneliness that they make me endure. And, I will prove every last one of them wrong. They are not the fuel behind the fire…they are the dirt beneath my feet. And, once I start taking those huge steps in life…they’ll be history. They aren’t going to keep holding me back from everything, they aren’t going to keep controlling my life, and they won’t get in my way.

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